Monday, July 14, 2008

When the sheep are not happy - nobody’s happy! CSA Pickup #7

Today’s pickup at the CSA was funny in the sense that there was no talking! Well there could have been - but nobody would have heard it since the sheep were loudly baahing. They were not happy and everybody had to hear about it.
The reason was that there was some fixing being done to their enclosure and they had to spend part of their precious afternoon inside, next to the harvest room where the distribution was in full swing.
It was funny seeing the reaction to the ongoing protest cries from next door. Most people thought it was really quite amusing and decided to share the greens of their carrot bunches with the sheep, who were only partially consoled by that.
But hearing the sheep bah and seeing the reaction of little kids, who may never have heard a herd of sheep nag before, while picking up the most delicious and nutritious foods available, that is just one of the many benefits of belonging to this wonderful group that can absolutely not be measured in dollars and cents. Picking your peas under a beautiful blue sky with a magnificent view that you know your very being at that spot helps protect, is another one of those intangibles. There is no tallying these things because they are - priceless.

Anyway here is the list

4 heads lettuce $5.96
4 bulbs fennel $7.47
2 bulbs kohlrabi $2.50
1 bunch scallions $2.19
1 ½ pounds chard $8.97
1 pound kale $2.19
1 ½ pounds cucumber $2.68
1 ½ pounds zucchini/ summer squash $2.99
2 bunches carrots $3.58
1 pint peas $2.99
5 stems flowers $3.00
2 pints raspberries $15.95 see note at end
1 bunch chamomile $1.99
1 bunch mint $1.99
1 bunch winter savory $1.99
1 bunch oregano $1.99
1 bunch sage $1.99
1 bunch basil $1.99
1 bunch thyme $1.99
1 bunch parsley $1.99
1 bunch thai basil $1.99
Total this week $ 78.38. that is our strongest week yet!

Added to this season’s total so far of $340.69 gives us our new grand total of $419.07!
Which means I am $8 shy of half time. I paid $775 for my full share plus $80 for my optional berry share, and in seven weeks I have basically recovered half of my money. Since this CSA usually runs for 24 weeks we are so on track here!

Note: I was trying really hard to be fair with the pricing, as always. I found organic raspberries at $3.19 for 6 oz! And those were the cheapest ones. I measured the dry pint as 16 oz versus the standard 18 - and rounded the figures down and still the result was almost $16!

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Linda said...

Great pic of the sheep, Moni! They do look mad! How cool to buy fresh, organic produce under blue skies, with sheep nearby - like you said, priceless.