Friday, July 25, 2008

Ditch the bags! or More insane solutions to the money crunch!

On to another mission.
Have you ever wondered why it is that we insist on making little time capsules out of our trash for generations to come to remember us by. You know “time capsules” that elementary school classes create, when they stuff a bunch of things they consider important into a little airtight capsule, which gets hidden or buried somewhere.
Well, guess what – you have been doing that all along too! Every time you take out the trash you have made sure that it was sealed in an almost indestructible layer of plastic - the trash bag. Extra strong, double layered, power flex and especially important for the future generations that will have to deal with it “vanilla scented”.
Now, guess what - we don’t need them!
If you are still reeling from giving up paper towels, or if you live in an apartment this one might not be right for you. However, still give it a moment’s thought.
What would happen if you stop lining all the wastebaskets in your house, almost all of which are cleanable plastic by the way? Nothing would happen. You would take that plastic container and dump its contents into the plastic curbside container, which would dump it into the big, bad garbage truck. End of story. No - plastic trash bag!

Another item off your shopping list - and all of a sudden that garbage of yours actually has a more than miniscule chance of biodegrading some day.
If you live in an apartment or you have a neurotic superintendent, this might not work for you. Also it helps if you separate all your food wastes and compost them, because they are actually the only smelly part of your garbage. That means a huge reduction in overall trash by the way. So, to compost helps. There are some very dedicated individuals, who compost even living in an apartment. But I admit it might be harder to do.
I have not bought garbage bags in months - I don’t miss the expense and it actually feels really good to rinse off my plastic garbage containers with a little peppermint Dr.Bronner’s Soap and they smell fresh and clean.
Try it and tell me what you think….


jujubs said...

Hello Moni
Do visit my blog when you find time i have something waiting for you there!

Jennifer said...

This sounds like a good idea, but many municipalities require garbage to be bagged. Imagine the poor garbage man who lifts your curb-side trashcan a little too far to the side and ends up showering garbage on the ground, or worse, himself?

moni said...

Hi Jennifer!

I know this one is not for everyone! I guess an alternative would be the biodegradable bags from BioBags. You can find those here: under "Bags"
Quite expensive though!

I just noticed that a lot of garbage collecting services now use trucks that lift up the garbage cans on their own and aim it perfectly. The garbage man just stands to the side - out of the way. I would feel bad if the were hit with my garbage - imagine, how embarrassing! And unpleasant for the guys!
But it is true, some places require bags.
It is amazing how much you can lighten the load composting your food scraps and paper. I am down to a fourth!

Jennifer said...

That's true. If you lived somewhere with those loaders it would work. I didn't think about that.

We have to walk our trash to a dumpster. I wonder what we could use instead of the regular plastic bags and the expensive biobags? Hmmm... would paper work? Like the bags we could get from the grocery store?

I don't think I am cut out for composting. We live in a small townhome and I barely have room for us, let alone a composter!

moni said...

Yep Jennifer - I hear you. The key is to make the garbage less yucky, oozey and guey. The only way I know how to accomplish this is to take out the compostable part of it - all the food scraps. When you do not have access to a garden, that becomes a major pain. I know somebody in a tiny New York City apartment who has - and now hold on to your hat - WORM BINS. I know this is super crazy but some incredibly dedicated people have these. I know they don't smell, because I sat on them. Explanation: she uses hers as "guest chairs". She uses the soil the worms make our of her compostable garbage for her houseplants - and I have to say they looked awesome. The soil does not smell - neither do the worms and the food does not have time to rot or smell, because the worms will eat it. I know this is a little out there - but you asked! Lol!
I have actually talked to several people who do this. Their kids seem too embrace the worms as just another pet and the whole "feeding the worms" is a chore they actually seem to embrace! Here is what i found quickly googling!