Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Food, glorious food!

CSA pick up #8

It has been a great year so far - we could use more rain, but the weather really has been good for the farmers, I think.
The pick-up today was less eventful - no unhappy sheep this time. So let’s get straight to the list:

2 Sweet Peppers $1.49
4 bulbs fennel ( 2 in share - 2 from extras table) $7.47
Lettuce - 2 large, 2 baby (melts in your mouth!) $5.00
1½ pounds rainbow swiss chard $8.97
2 pounds beets $3.98
2 heads escarole $3.38
4 pounds cucumbers $ 10.36
2 pounds summer squash - yellow and green $3.98
2 pounds carrots $2.58
1 pound kale $2.19
2 pints raspberries $15.95
¼ pound basil $ 2.20
10 stems pick-your-own flowers $3.00 (I know it could be more - but I thought this was fair, since it is not food)

1 bunch sorrel $1.99
1 bunch lemon balm $1.99
1 bunch sage $1.99
1 bunch parsley $1.99
1 bunch thyme $1.99
1 bunch dandelion greens $1.99
1 bunch basil $1.99
1 bunch oregano $1.99

Total this week: $ 86.47 which is a new record for weekly intake I believe! Total veggies from the farm this season $ 505.54!
By the way. I measured the raspberries again at $15 - and before you protest and comment that you can find them cheaper - I would have to point out that this quality is hard to come by and worth every penny. Also, I only wrote up only $1.86 per fennel - when the actual glorious fennel that we received at the farm was going for $3.00 a head at the health food store. So hopefully it averages out somehow.


divamentors said...

mmmm I love the fresh vegetables at this time of the year, though where you haven't had enough rain we have had far too much. In fact it is raining now for the 11th straight day!

You've got an amazing blog. I would love to be able to keep your link up on the Be Naturally Well community. Our forums will be up and running soon as well.

Link here

Many Blessings,

moni said...

Thank you for your blessings!
Much appreciated!
And of course I called it out - and now we have rain every day - seems to be more than enough - now, but I think we should appreciate every drop of it!
Thank you for your kind comments - I well definitely scoot over to your blog and check it out!