Monday, February 1, 2010

To make your trip to the market a pleasant one!

Here are some excerpts from my book! Enjoy and use them every week and you WILL save money!


Veiled Glory said...

Thanks for making these available to print!

Martha said...

Thanks so much! I really appreciate you providing these. I just made a deal with myself that I would once and for all conquer my extreme hatred of grocery shopping. I knew I needed a planner to help me. This is perfect! I'm buying the book too.

moni said...

Hi Veiled Glory!
Were you able to solve your printing quest? I did a little research for you and the PC version of "Grab it" is called "Snag it" and I think they offer a free trial period. Also there is a neat program which is downloadable called - which may help as well. Since I like to try out recipes from blogs a lot, I just got used to the Laptop on my counter - also helps with the music in the kitchen LOL!

moni said...

Hi Martha!

Glad you like the plans - I have used them for years, and I do understand your hatred for shopping - it can be so stressful. I like going really late at night - especially on nights when the produce guys restock -since they discount perfectly ripe produce to ridiculous levels - I scored perfectly ripe pineapples for 1$ the other day- or night rather - whereas the completely green ones were $4.99!