Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Three Valentine’s dinners for 2 for $15!

Having been to three different restaurants for my last three Valentine’s Day dinners I have vowed this year to spend a relaxed evening at home cooking my own meals that won’t break the piggy bank, will still have all the trimmings and will guarantee a relaxed unhurried evening with my husband.
The prix fix dinners at the various restaurants, some of our favorites any other day of the year were pricey, extremely rushed (after all, each table had to fit three couples in succession) and just not the best night to be eating out period.

So, I tried to have fun here: Each menu has an appetizer, a main course and a dessert.
I have included shopping lists and I tell you what you need in terms of staples. There may be a slight extra cost if you do not customarily keep something as a staple.
Also be aware that this is dinner for two - if you are trying to make this for more people you should add about $5 per extra person and double up on ingredients.

Menu 1:

Appetizer: Raw Quinoa Tabouleh
Main Event: Tofu-Mushroom Stroganoff over Tagliatelle Noodles
Dessert: Angelic Bananas with Dulce De Leche Icecream

Menu 2:

Appetizer: Cajun Cakes with Yogurt Sauce
Main Event: Sweet and Sour Tempeh with Nuts over Stir fry vegetables
Dessert: Raw Brownies with Coconut Sorbet

Menu 3:

Appetizer: Salad of Beet-greens, Feta and Hazelnuts in a Mustard Balsamic Vinaigrette
Main Event: Moroccan Stuffed Eggplant over Cous-Cous
Dessert: Real Red Velvet Cupcakes with Coconut Icing

The price for each of these menus is around $15. It depends a little on if you are out of a certain staple or not.
For me the pricing was as such.

Menu 1 was $15.81
Menu 2 was $16.16
Menu 3 was $15.07

Recipes are all in my book - but don’t worry I will post them tomorrow together with detailed shopping lists!

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