Monday, July 7, 2008

Invasion of the Killer Kohlrabi!

Yep, the Kohlrabi are here. I personally love them because they are the one native veggie from my hometown Vienna, and they are a great childhood memory. My grandma used to make them into a soup. Or you can just eat them raw sliced into really thin slices and put on a dark bread with a thick coating of fresh butter or vegan margarine and a bit of salt. Yum!

Here is the list for my sixth Pickup: And for all you just tuning in, you can see the history of pick ups from my CSA here , and just a quick recap. I post my weekly CSA pickups and list the prices I find for comparable items in the health food store or supermarket.
I try to be as fair as possible in my comparisons and count everything I pick up.

4 heads lettuce $5.96
1 ½ pounds rainbow chard $8.97
1 pound kale $2.19
1 pound lacinato kale $2.19
¼ pound basil $1.99
2 summer squash $2.99
2 zucchini $2.99
2 bunches scallions $5.98
1 bunch turnips $2.35
2 kohlrabi $2.50
1 bunch garlic chives $1.99
1 bunch winter savory $1.99
1 bunch lavender $1.99
1 bunch lemon balm $1.99
1 bunch mint $1.99
1 bunch chamomile $1.99
1 bunch oregano thyme $1.99
1 bunch sorrell $1.99
1 bunch sage $1.99
Total this week: $56.02

Adding to my previous total of $284.67 I get $340.69 as a new grand total. Yippee!

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