Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Strawberries are here!

Fourth pickup at the CSA. It’s getting hard to carry it all!
The bags are bulging and new vegetables are entering the scene.
First, I can now enjoy fresh broccoli. There really is no comparison to store bought. It almost seems as if the broccoli in the supermarket is a different vegetable all together. The CSA broccoli begs to be eaten raw, it is so tender. The self pick now is picking up. This week I picked two pints of sugar snap peas, and just how a little boy described it who was eagerly helping his mother pick: ”This tastes better than candy!”
Also the aforementioned strawberries are awesome - two quarts worth was today’s yield. I have begun giving friends a head of lettuce or chinese cabbage here and there, so that it can be enjoyed at peak freshness - this acts like advertising for the CSA! And it should!

The list:
4 heads Lettuce $5.58 (2 per share plus two from the extras table)
1 pound Broccoli $1.49
1 pound Spinach $2.49
2 heads Chinese Cabbage 6.36
3 heads Escarole (2 per share plus 1 extra) 5.07
2 bunches Scallions $5.98
2 pints sugar snap peas $4.99
2 heads bok choy $5.58
2 quarts strawberries $5.00
1 bunch oregano $1.99
1 bunch garlic chives $1.99
1 bunch thyme $1.99
1 bunch mint $1.99
1 bunch sorrel $1.99
1 bunch lemon balm $1.99
1 bunch lovage $1.99
1 bunch sage $1.99
1 bunch lavender $1.99
1 bunch chamomile $1.99
Total this week: $ 62.44
So we can add $ 62.44 to our prior total of $161.22.
Our new grand total for the season is $ 223.66. Not bad for one month!

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