Friday, June 20, 2008

Simple Pasta for Garlic Lovers:

For people who would like an Alfredo sauce without cholesterol and are looking for a way to use tofu.
I served this to a large group of meat eaters, who had no idea they were eating a vegan tofu dish.

I pound pasta - any shape, any kind from 20 cents to $2.69 depending on type
½ onion - minced $0.50
1 head of garlic or more if you dare - not a typo ( I actually used three heads cooking for about 16 people) $1.00
¼ cup olive oil $.75
1 tablespoon coconut oil $0.10
1 bunch fresh herbs - whatever you have on hand $1.99
1 pound silken tofu $1.99
salt & pepper

1. Brown onion in coconut oil. Peel and grate garlic.

2. Add garlic to onion and brown - make sure nothing sticks. Keep moving things around, add a bit of olive oil if necessary. Lower heat if garlic starts sticking.

3. When the garlic is roasted - chop the herbs finely and add to the onions and garlic. Add salt to taste. Then turn off the heat and let the onion, garlic mixture cool.

4. When the mixture is cool add to a blender together with the silken tofu and the olive oil. Blend on high for a minute and return to pan.

5. Heat over medium heat until the garlic sauce is warm. Taste, add more salt if necessary and add ground pepper.
Mix in a big bowl with cooked pasta and serve.

Yield: Pasta for four, as a main dish, with a side salad perhaps.
Cost: Depending on the pasta used: from $ 6.53 to $ 9.02 approximately. You may omit the fresh herbs and replace them with a couple tablespoons of dried.

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