Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2nd Pick-up at the CSA

Second pickup was another success. Having been a member in different CSAs for almost 15 years, I know that they start off relatively slow and then the pace changes to a furry, where you can almost not handle the thought of having to bring home another 10 pounds of tomatoes etc. But still, I think the bags are quite full now - the quality is of course amazing, and I can't wait until the self picking begins!

Here is the list for this week:
2 heads of lettuce $2.79
1 bunch edible flowers $1.99
1 bunch winter savory $1.99
1 bunch chives $1.99
1 bunch lovage $1.99
1 bunch thyme $1.99
1 bunch oregano $1.99
1 bunch sage $1.99
1 bunch tarragon $1.99
1 bunch mint $1.99
1 bunch sorrel $1.99
2 bunches radish $3.00
2 heads of bok choy $5.58
3 pounds of kale ( there was extra)$14.94
1 1/2 pounds baby lettuce $5.98
$52.19 Woohoo!
It is really satisfying to see that something that feels so right also makes economic sense!
When it comes to the kale - I went with the average price per pound - between the big chain store and their price per pound of $1.99 for organic kale, and the health food store price of $3.99 for a bunch, that weighed in at half a pound. Note also that the big store only advertised the price of organic kale and did not have any available both times I checked.
So I am penciling in $52.19 for this week's haul and the total for the season is now $95.83!

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