Friday, June 27, 2008

Salad, salad everywhere!

It’s salad mania at the CSA! And it better be - salad is the perfect meal when it is hot outside. Especially when the lettuce is as fresh as the one we are picking up now! Pick ups are getting ever bigger so that it really takes a little planning now to fit everything into the fridge. But that should come as an encouragement for people who are worried about the expense of joining a CSA ahead of time. There will be weeks where you will spend very little on food just so you can complement what you pick up at the farm. And these weeks are practically here. I think it really is important that we give up the notion that we should eat whatever we are in the mood for at any given time and realize that the seasons and the planet are in charge - and when we follow their lead we will eat healthier for us and better for the planet. Okay - *stepping of the soap box* here is the list for this week:

6 heads Lettuce (4 in the share and 2 extra) $8.37
1½ pounds Swiss Chard $8.97
1 pound Kale $2.19
½ pound broccoli $.95
1 bunch mustard greens $1.59
3 heads escarole (2 heads plus 1 extra) $5.07
2 bunches scallions $2.58
2 quarts peas $6.99
2 quarts strawberries $5.00
1 bunch apple mint $1.99
1 bunch pepper mint $1.99
1 bunch parsley $1.39
1 bunch chives $1.99
1 bunch sorrell $1.99
1 handful rhubarb $1.99
1 bunch catnip $1.99
1 bunch sage $1.99
1 bunch oregano $1.99
1 bunch lavender $1.99
Total: $ 61.01

Added to our season’s total so far of $223.66, we get a grand total of $284.67.


ankur said...

Salad are good fro your body . It wont be tasty as burgers or any other fast food . But good for your body .

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Linda said...

I love salad, & eat it a lot, especially in the summer. Who wants to cook when the temp's in the 90s?! And you make an important point about eating & enjoying what's available at a given time. A healthier & more natural way of eating.