Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recession Recipes a la Vegetarian on the Cheap!

First day of the second month of the new year - time to launch “Recession Recipes”. Every day until my birthday - March 31st - I will feature a recipe that can help you get out of any financial crisis, while still being healthy and delicious. Most of the recipes will be for dinners, but I will also feature delicious and affordable breakfasts, snacks and desserts. 
Many of these recipes will be staples - but some may be new to you. If there are any favorites you would like to have featured - send me a quick e-mail with your recipe (and a picture would be awesome too!) at
In each recipe - I will let you know which ingredients are absolutely essential - we are not going to be able to make Indian Dal without lentils obviously - but some ingredients will be optional a la - “If you have in the house great, but don’t run out to buy it”.
Also I will list the cost of the ingredients - according to how much I can get them for here - upstate New York in the middle of winter in 2009, so the cost may be slightly different for you.
Generally I will gear the recipes towards four servings, I always have leftovers( especially since switching to smaller plates), which I can never afford to waste - so each recipes will come with leftover ideas as well. That is usually how I see lunch - as a chance to use up what’s already in my fridge.
I hope that at the end of March will have a nice cache of recipes to build our weekly menus around. Let’s get this show on the road!


earthmother said...

What a great idea, Moni! Will you be posting any raw or vegan recipes?

moni said...

Hey earthmother!
Definitely both raw and vegan. I don't know if I ever told you but me, and later on my whole family, went 100% raw for over two years. We all loved it. Generally we go raw in the spring and then add cooked stuff as it gets colder. Also money is an issue - 100 % raw was really expensive for me - but maybe I have to reevaluate this year. Because there is "raw - super simple" - and then there is "raw gourmet". I of course had to go the gourmet route and that gets insane money wise. But generally my favorite way of eating. You should have seen what I got people - die hard meat eaters - to eat at potlucks and wine tastings, when I uncooked.