Sunday, February 8, 2009

Essential savings tool: The address book

How many of you comparison shop? In these economic crisis times who can afford not to? One problem though is, that comparison shopping - which I whole heartedly endorse and practice - becomes a major mental exercise. The moment you spot a sale, you have to immediately recall what said item is going for in all your other shopping haunts.
I don’t know about you, but I often have trouble recalling exactly what a five pound bag of organic potatoes goes for in the health food store, so I could actually compare and see if the sale of organic potatoes per pound in the big chain supermarket is really such a good deal. And I only shop at two stores - health food store and big chain supermarket - which are conveniently located next door to each other. I know that some people actually run or more accurately drive from store to store picking up items here and there. I don’t know how they do it!
So, to take the mental exercise out of the comparing I have started using an address book. I know this is a little goofy - but it really works. You can find an address book for a dollar at the dollar store and you will make up that dollar the first time you use it.
Simply enter each food at the appropriate spot - designate one line per store - for me big chain supermarket prices take the address line, whereas health food store prices go in the phone # line, and take down quantity, price and maybe specifics such as organic - non-organic, sales price etc.

Surprises for me after using it for the first time:

Organic coconut milk is 25 cents cheaper per can in the health food store, than the non-organic one in the big chain supermarket.

The same brand potato chips in the health food store - are twice!! as expensive as in the supermarket, since the bag is almost twice as big - who knew - I just never noticed - there is so much air in these bags

Grated Percorino Romano cheese is $3.00 more per pound in the supermarket than in the health food store - and the one in the health food store smells, looks and tastes fresher!

Agave nectar is $1.00 cheaper per same size bottle in the health food store

These are just some of the revelations in the first couple of weeks of writing down prices. I am sure there are more to come...


The Family Chef said...

I just read your article on the Green Plant about 15 ways to get children to eat veggies. I LOVE this article and it puts into words what I try to teach my clients and students in my cooking classes. May I have permission to post on my website? It's a great resource and would save me a lot of time. I will happily give you all of the credit and link it back to you or the blog. I also have a blog: Feel free to use my recipes as well, as long as you use my name.

I grew up in Upstate NY but now live in CA. Good work! Thanks,
-Amy F (you can contact me via the blog)

debbie said...

hi Veggie!!!
great idea about the address book!
so interesting about the brown rice!!!
How abot some cold rice or pasta salads???
also, any ideas on rice dishes that kids would like???

moni said...

Hey Family Chef!

Answered you much earlier - but somehow blogger buggered up the answer!
Absolutely - go ahead and use the tips - another article you may be interested in is: Your children and the Earth: 5 Ways to Benefit Both which I wrote for Earth Day last year - its cruising around somewhere on the net - Reuters had it for a while.
Meaning to stop by your site - and will- i promise - have had a super busy week - but getting back into the swing of things. Can't wait to see your recipes!