Monday, August 11, 2008

The 10th pick up at the CSA! Reasons to celebrate!

Another amazing pick up at the CSA - of course I was right about the tomatoes - the amounts are ever increasing and there is no end in sight. The heirloom tomatoes are especially pretty. Something happened to the green pepper crop - they have big brown spots but are otherwise really tasty. So they are mostly on the exchange table and only a few really make it into the shares. Bummer - but it is part of the CSA experience. The red currants although I remember eating them as a kid - make your mouth pucker, so I decided to make a red currant chutney. Which is so simple and delicious.
Also to celebrate our 10th pickup - we are crossing into the $600 territory now - I just cannot believe it. Deep in my heart I knew that a CSA was a good deal, mainly because of all the benefits you can’t really peg a price on - but this is simply awesome - better veggies, doing something for the local economy, going green and saving a ton of money! We can already answer the question - Is a CSA worth it? - Look at the numbers - I’d say that’s a big YES!

2 heads lettuce $4.78
1 ½ pounds chard $3.28

2 pounds carrots $2.40
2 pounds tomatoes $3.00
2 fruits eggplant or pepper $6.00 (stop&shop price for organic peppers!)
2 pounds cucumbers $6.98
3 zucchini or summer squash $5.97
2 pints cherry tomatoes $7.98
4 quarts green beans $3.98
flowers big bunch, $5.00
2 pints red currants $5.00
1 bunch sage $1.99
1 bunch parsley $1.99
1 bunch basil $1.99
1 bunch winter savory $1.99
1 bunch thyme $1.99
1 bunch edible flowers $1.99
1 bunch lavender $1.99
1 bunch garlic chives $1.99
1 bunch mint $1.99
1 bunch catnip $1.99

Total this week: $74.27 plus the season’s total of $583.24
New total for this season: $657.51!

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