Friday, May 30, 2008

Ode to a sponge!

Image: Left sponge after 6 weeks of heavy use Right: Brand new

I know it sounds psychotic - but I love this sponge.
I came across it the first time in Whole Foods in Union Square and I was skeptical. After all $3.99 for two sponges - not exactly budget conscious. But I soon realized that it has outlasted any other sponge - and I have tried them all.
Grungy, grimy germ collecting sponges that look gross and supposedly help you clean dishes, when all they are actually accomplishing is redepositing germs everywhere are a pet peeve of mine. They really can gross me out - but this one has held its shape, doesn’t smell and does not look worn out after - drum roll - 6 weeks.
I never meant to keep it that long - mind you it is the only sponge by the sink - I just never was prompted to throw it out. This is with some heavy cooking going on around here - with lots of super staining tomato sauce and curries galore.
It never had that awful chemical, plastic smell it is biodegradable and it comes in a nifty paper packaging - that - get this - can be made into a birdhouse!
I know this sounds like paid advertising - I wish!
Anyway excited about this product “Twist - Loofah sponge #50” - two thumbs way up. I think the next pair I buy, I will try to actually cut the sponge in two - it was almost too big in my hand.
That way it would bring the price down to $3.99 for four! Not bad.

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